3:1 Wire Binding Machine

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

3:1 pitch entry-level office manual punching and binding machine designed for regular use in a small to medium sized office.Very simple operation thanks to the ergonomic two-lever system and the integrated wire holder.

Product Description detailed

  • Binds up to 135 sheets
  • Closure control guarantees easy ring wire closure for perfect presentations every time
  • Special hardened punch pins for long lasting life
  • Staggered punching pins for easier punching
  • For formats: A5, A4
  • Adjustable side lay for perfect punching registration
  • Easy to empty sliding waste tray
  • Measures the document or ring wire size
  • Heavy duty construction & compact design
  • Wire holder for binding elements
  • Quality “Made in Germany”
  • 3:1 Pitch for sizes 5.5 – 16.0mm
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