Creaser Perforator
Dumor 331

$3,990.00* + GST

*Prices Subject To Variation

Product DESCRIPTION Summary

The 331 provides a professional level of creasing and perforating, accepting sheets up to 900mm long and allowing up to 32 creases in a single pass, stock from 100 to 400GSM the 331 is an exceptional machine. Keyboard and LCD screen for job programming, capable of producing up to 2400 sheets per hour.

Product Description detailed

  • Electric hand feed creasing perforating
  • Speed up to 2400 sheets per hour
  • Sheet size min 50 x 90mm max 330 x 900mm
  • Thickness 100 to 400GSM
  • Crease, perforate in one pass up to 32 times
  • LCD screen
  • Counter up and down
  • 1mm crease bar included
  • 12 TPI perf bar included
  • Easy slide in slide out crease perf tools
  • Optional linear perf, slit and crease
  • Freight & installation additional (if required)

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