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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

Denmark Laminator is perfect for medium to larger size businesses. Extremely reliable, easy to use & guaranteed to laminate 50 meters without a crease*. User-friendly design with cambered rollers helps to maximize pressure and minimize silvering. Denmark laminator is available in 1650mm. An added bonus of heat assist!

Product Description detailed

  • Lower mandrel with single-ended brake
  • 2 – Silicone Rubber Rollers (84 dia)
  • 2 – Emergency Stop Buttons
  • Compete with Mobile Stand
  • Compete with foot pedal
  • Fits 76mm Cores
  • Forward & Reverse Functions
  • Roller guard with built-in safety sensor switch
  • Opens to 10mm (Easy single lever action)
  • Standard 10amp 3 pin power plug
  • Laminating Speed up to 7mtrs per minute
  • Heat assist top roller (factory set approx 50°C)
  • Both upper and lower idler bars
  • Simply remove the packing crate assemble and fix the stand then plug and play (no wiring is required).
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