lintNIL Wipes
10 packs

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

Strong non-woven towel; as a result, great for lint-free polishing and cleaning. Lintnil wipes are used for applying chemicals, adhesives, lubricants, and alcohol. Above all, Lintnil wipes are an all-purpose cleaning cloth and therefore suitable for all wiping tasks.

Product Description detailed

10 Packs per Carton | 150 Wipes per Pack | 1500 wipes per carton

  • Ideal for polishing glass, windows, and optical lenses.
  • Popular glass cleaning disposable cloth used in restaurants, hotels, cafes, and bars.
  • IT and electronic companies use Lintnil wipes for cleaning delicate components and instruments.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin therefore safe to use in maternity wards, hospitals, and aged care facilities.
  • Used as a packaging cloth for delicate parts and precision optical components.
  • Low in extractable ions and non-volatile residue.
  • Double bagged for less contamination, therefore suits cleanroom procedures.
  • High tensile strength and heavy weight construction.
  • Non-sterile, polyester nonwoven material.
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