Low Lint Industro Wipes
300 wipes

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

A large low lint wipe perfect for wiping glass and metal surfaces. Highly absorbent of solvents, paints, chemicals and cleaning agents. Smooth surface texture prevents scratches. Solvent resistant (will not break down).

Product Description detailed

300 WIPES PER CARTON (40cm x 55cm)

  • Large low lint cloth for cleaning, surface prep with solvents, drying and polishing
  • Used by production rooms during the cleaning process for drying the equipment
  • Used for pre cleaning with solvents on surfaces without leaving lint behind
  • Low lint glass polisher that gives a spotless finish
  • Can use with cleaning chemicals and agents
  • High cellulose content absorbs cleaning chemicals, solvents, oils and cleaning agents
  • Strong, durable, tear resistant
  • Strong, tear resistant cloth that will not break down when wet
  • Large surface area cleaner, dryer, polisher
  • 300 large disposable wipes per carton
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