Low Lint Micromax Cloths
10 packs

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

A soft, fine, lint-free, non-abrasive microfibre wiper great with glass, windows, monitors, screens and mirrors for a streak-free finish. Ultra absorbent.

Product Description detailed

10 Packs per Carton | 10 Wipes per Pack | 100 wipes per carton

Colour: Blue 

  • A lint-free, smooth textured, non-abrasive, low linting microfibre cloth
  • Ideal for polishing glass, metal, ipads, iphones, mirrors, jewelry, screens, monitors and other delicate tasks that call for a soft absorbent cloth
  • Used by dental surgeries to dry instruments that have been through the ultrasonic cycle
  • High concentrations of polymide make this an absorbent wiper
  • Versatile multipurpose, reusable
  • Convenient packs of 10 wipes can be stored anywhere for ready access
  • Long lasting
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