Manual Rotary Trimmer
Neolt Desk Trim

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

Compact and robust manual cutter.The Neolt Desk Trim is suitable for all entry-level business solutions, or as a backup system for all professionals of visual communication and service centers that seek a lightweight, versatile and powerful cutting solution.

Product Description detailed

  • Desk Trim is equipped with a cutting blade mounted onto the scroll bar.
  • The work surface in sheet steel epoxy powder coated steel is resistant to cuts and scratches.
  • 12 Month Warranty on parts
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness: 0.6mm

Technical Specifications:

Q161 – 860(L) x 460(D) x 120(H) – 6 kg

Q163 – 1210(L) x 460(D) x 120(H) – 7kg

Q165 – 1210(L) x 460(D) x 120(H) – 7kg

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