Omniwipes All Purpose Wipes
12 packs

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

General purpose, highly absorbent, soft cloth suited to a wide range of applications across all industries and suitable for most purposes. Aged care, child care, health care, but also painter and automotive.

Product Description detailed

12 Packs per Carton | 50 Wipes per Pack | 600 wipes per carton

Colour: White

  • Soft, gentle patient wipe used in aged care and healthcare facilities to clean and wash elderly, patients and children
  • Used in aged care facilities for personal care, and cleaning for incontinence during personal care
  • Also used in hospitals to dry endoscopes and in dental practices to dry instruments and swab chairs.
  • Huge absorbency capacity so makes a great drying cloth for instruments, and other sensitive surfaces
  • High viscose content gives this cloth impressive softness and absorbency features
  • High quality cloth
  • Convenient packs of 50 wipes
  • Disposable, but can be washed and re-used
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