Paper Drilling Machine
Uchida VS200

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

SAVE on this top quality, fully reconditioned machine.

This professional heavy duty drilling machine is ideal for print factory binderies and in-house printing environments. The Uchida VS200 is a 2- spindle type drill enabling increases in work efficiency. It features a pitch pattern that can be set by the pre programmable pitch bar.

Product Description detailed

  • *Reconditioned machine*
  • Drilling pitch can be selected from five programmable pitch patterns
  • Synchronised twin spindle drill
  • Left and right simultaneously movable drilling heads to maintain the centre position
  • Adjustable back margin
  • Ergonomic drill handle
  • Right and left paper guides allow positional centring for up to A3 size paper
  • Wide table which can load up to A3 size papers (short edge)
  • Simple clamp and release feature easily adjusted horizontal height of right and left drill bits
  • Sliding table with self-centring guides
  • Drill bit sizes available from 3-13mm
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