Premium Heavy Duty Antibacterial Rolls
4 rolls

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

Highly absorbent, antibacterial cloth widely used in cleaning, hospitality and the healthcare industry. Can be used wet or dry.

Product Description detailed

4 Rolls per Carton | 90 Wipes per Roll | 360 wipes per carton

Colours: Green • Blue • Red • Coffee

  • PREMIUM antibacterial cleaning wipes on a roll used for surface cleaning in restaurants, hotels, bars and other hospitality venues
  • Quality manufactured product from specified heavy weight material with high levels of viscose so that the cloth absorbs large quantities of liquids effectively and efficiently and keeps productivity high in the hectic environment of hospitalty
  • Treated with antibacterial agent for added hygiene and to extend life of cloth by reducing the growth of bacteria
  • Easy tear-off perforated disposable cloths
  • Portable rolls, however wall dispensers available if required
  • Cloth Size: 50cm x 30cm
  • Available in various colours to colour code wipes to areas
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