Supermax Super Absorbent Cloths
200 wipes

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

Huge, thick, highly absorbent, heavy weight cloth. This pad absorbs multiple times its own weight.

Product Description detailed

1 Pack per Carton | 200 Wipes per Pack | 200 wipes per carton

Colours: Orange

  • Multipurpose absorbent pad used to rapidly soak up large surface spills
  • Absorbs quickly like a sponge soaking up 8 times its own weight in liquid
  • Strong, durable and soft textured rayon fabric
  • Extra thick heavy weight cloth with high viscose for maximum absorbency
  • Multipurpose absorbent large pad
  • Applications include bath mats, carpet cleaning, swim towels, pet, baby or patient urine soaking pad, wash cloths. Suitable anywhere where a surface or floor needs quick drying
  • Used for soaking up industrial spills
  • Ideal for automotive, car and boat care as a quick drying shammy
  • Giant Size, washable and reusable sponge action cloth
  • Very economical for disposable use
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