White Rhino Roll (Medium Duty)
4 rolls

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

220 easy to tear perforated sheets. Great for wiping surfaces, absorbing liquid, oil and grease, as well as polishing glass, stainless steel and other metals. This is a tough, low lint, solvent resistant wiper.

Product Description detailed

4 Rolls per Carton | 220 Wipes per Roll | 880 wipes per carton

  • Low lint, very absorbent, durable wiper that is solvent resistant
  • Polypropylene cellulose mix of strength and absorbency
  • Multipurpose and versatile
  • Used by surgeries to dry medical instruments and by dentists as cleaning swabs
  • Ideal for cleaning lint and dust sensitive equipment parts
  • Effective low lint wiper for wiping off grease, oil and kerosene like a cotton rag
  • Production chemists value their low lint features when wiping down benches and equipment
  • Hospitality uses them as disposable tea towels in bars, restaurants and kitchens
  • Sign writers use them for cleaning panels and glass prior to applying vinyl
  • Great for polishing glass, stainless steel and other metals
  • Tear-off disposable wiper
  • Very economical option with 220 wipers per roll
  • Centerfeed wall dispenser available
  • Strong, Durable, Absorbent
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