Business Card Cutter
Dumor 8336BSC

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

The 8336 BSC with Trimposer and bar code reader as standard is a complete finishing system, slit, cut, crease or perforate in a single pass. With the added bonus of partial perforation to create T or Box perfs for tear offs or tear out coupons, the potential jobs for the 8336BSC is endless and makes short work of business cards, brochures, flyers, invitations, posters, swing tags, book covers and more, accepting up to 350GSM in the 100mm pile feeder at a speed of up to 25 sheets per minute.

Product Description detailed

  • Trimposer interface with barcode reader
  • Suction auto feed
  • 9 inch touch screen
  • Programmable jobs
  • Ultrasonic double document detection
  • Position adjustable slit heads
  • Programable cut lengths
  • Easy exchangeable slide in crease or perforate
  • Mark reader for image drift compensation
  • X and Y axis image drift compensation
  • Compact design
  • Sheet size up to 330 x 650
  • Includes independent 6 trimmers
  • Cut up to 32 times in one pass
  • Score or perforate up to 32 times in one pass
  • Freight & installation additional (if required)

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