Double Headed Foam Swabs
500 swabs

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Product DESCRIPTION Summary

TIDDOX’s foam swabs are an essential consumable when it comes to cleaning sensitive components. Each swab has two large thick foam heads on each end of a handle which are ideal for cleaning debris, dust, dirt and ink build up from sensitive equipment and parts such as print heads and other delicate surfaces. These solvent absorbing foam tipped cleaning swabs are also useful when applying liquids, chemicals, adhesives and lubricants to surfaces, recesses and joints. The foam heads are low in particulates so limited risk of contamination or lint residue during use.

Whilst mostly used in cleanrooms and for print head maintenance in the printing industry, foam swabs are also used as in other industries such as electronics, pharmaceutical and medical.

Each lint free cleaning swab is 125 mm in length including foam heads of 1.3 cm in width. 100 cleaning swabs per bag.

Product Description detailed

5 Packs per Carton | 100 Swabs per Pack | 500 swabs per carton

  • Double headed foam swab for cleaning sensitive and delicate equipment
  • Absorbs solvents and chemicals
  • Low in particulates
  • Soft and non-abrasive foam heads
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